We operate globally through an extensive network of strategic partners, subcontractors and subject-matter experts.


Subject-Matter Experts

We cooperate with subject-matter experts, professionals and companies from several industries with different backgrounds from around the world. Our network of external consultants and subcontractors includes:


  • Former military and security experts
  • Private investigators
  • Investigative journalists
  • Security and risk management consultants
  • Industry subject-matter experts
  • Former diplomats

Corporate Diversity

Our key network capability comes through T-Dynamics group of companies. Being part of a larger corporation, provides us with the ability to combine multi-industry resources and and to maintain regional and subject-matter diversity.

Multi-Industry Network

Our multi-industry services are customized accordingly and cover the following sectors:

  • Investment and Development Sector
  • Financial Services Sector
  • IT Industry
  • Real-Estate Market and Customers
  • Public Sector
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Non-Government Sector
  • International Development Market