Our Team draws from a rich diversity of backgrounds with a wide range of skills and expertise. In our work, we exercise both rigor and creativity in order to provide an optimal product and highest quality service. As a result, reliability and accountability remain the core values based on which we build relationships with our clients.


Tom Nikoloski
CEO & Founding Partner

Mr. Nikoloski has extensive military service and more than 10 years of experience in the private risk management and business intelligence industry. Since 2010 he serves as corporate executive for international risk management and security services corporation with operations in the Middle East, USA, Europe and Africa. He also provides risk advisory expertise to several other business entities and organizations. He is a military academy graduate and holds MA degree in Risk Management.

Muhamedali Ibrahimi
Strategic Intelligence Manager

Mr. Ibrahimi specializes in strategic intelligence and global analysis. He is also an expert on global politics, international relations, active and emerging conflicts. He has over 10 years of experience in geopolitical research and analysis and brings extensive experience from the government support sector. Mr. Ibrahimi holds MA degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and BA degree in English Language Studies and Literature, as well as several special trainings in OSINT and SOCMINT.

Daniela Kapushevska
Market Intelligence Manager

Ms. Kapushevska is our permanent representative in the Middle East. Her past experience includes work in the real-estate market and the business consulting sector. Ms. Kapushevska has worked on several new business mergers and startups in UAE, one of them being a multimillion dollar investment by EU-based corporation. She holds MA degree in Business Management.

Marjan Babunski
Risk Management Consultant

Mr. Babunski is a risk management and security expert with over 17 years of military service and private security. His extensive operational experience from high risk countries such as Afghanistan contributes to the overall capacity of Dynamics Intelligence in the field of risk management, crisis response, operational support and corporate investigations. Mr. Babunski is a certified Risk Manager and holds several other highly specialized trainings and certificates from the private security and risk management industry.

Aleksandar Donevski
Information Technology Officer

Mr. Donevski leads our IT and cyber security sector. His main areas of expertise are designing, implementing and maintaining web-based solutions and cyber security. Mr. Donevski holds BS in Information Technology and several qualifications in cyber security and data protection.