We provide risk management with responsibility. We take the risk ownership and insuring your safety and security.


Risk and Security Management

Our approach to the risk management is based on proven risk management cycle which guides our performance, quality assurance and ultimate success of the task.


We incorporate field tested risk management and security know-how, risk ownership approach and risk management experts with experience from some of the most austere regions of the world.

  • Operational and corporate risk assessments
  • Risk analysis and evaluation
  • Risk treatment strategies
  • Critical infrastructure risk mitigation
  • Crisis and incident response
  • Physical Security & Protection Plans
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Cyber Security

The last decade was period of hacked world. With damages ranging in billions and often in human lives, the cyber attacks have become nightmare for every entity that depends on IT structures.


We execute our cyber security services through combination of testing, analysis and direct IT support for our clients’ IT systems.

  • IT systems penetration testing & strategies
  • IT system protection hardware & software
  • Network security concepts
  • Secure data exchange solutions
  • Cyber forensics
  • IT security training

Threat Alerts and Reporting

Our 24/7 threat alerts and reporting services are designed to provide continuous real-time alerts, updates and analyzed incident reports from across the globe.


Our alerts are disseminated through online solutions as well as customized SMS delivery system for clients requesting more sophisticated options.

  • Active and developing security incidents
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Major hostage situations
  • Disasters
  • Political incidents
  • Risk and threat emerging developments